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Continuity errors

Since each episode of the show was shot twice there were several continuity problems, like:

  • in Caroline and the Cereal, before Caroline even knows that she is getting her own cereal, there is a box of "Sweet Carolines" sitting on her counter
  • in Caroline and the Used Car Salesman Richard applies for job in Crazy Fred's as used car salesman, but when he arrives to the office there is already label "Richard" on the drawer behind Fred's back

Caroline real address

In the series description it's said that Caroline's appartment is set somewhere in TriBeCa, but according to Fred Baron, the producer of Caroline in the City, the cartoons (used between scenes) shows what 'Caroline's building, at 168 Duane Street, would look like filtered through her vivid imagination'. And actually, as you can see, there is some similarity.

see for yourself on Google maps

Filming location

None of the episodes were actually filmed in New York City - they were shot in CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA (same place as such productions like 3rd Rock from the Sun, According to Jim, Gilligan's Island, Seinfeld, The Wild Wild West, Will and Grace).

Time Slots and Nielsen Ranking (audience measurement)

SeasonYearsTime slotEpisodesRanking position

1st Season


Thursdays 9:30

24 episodes


2nd Season


Tuesdays 9:30

25 episodes


3rd Season


Mondays 9:00

26 episodes


4th Season


Mondays 8:30

22 episodes


Peshtigo Bulldogs

T-shirts of Peshtigo Bulldogs that sometimes Caroline wore where supplied by the actual Peshtigo WI city officials (and there is real football team Peshtigo Bulldogs)

Ballet dancers

Lea Thompson (Caroline) and Amy Pietz (Annie) both were training ballet as young girls and both given it up for acting.

Family members

Lea Thompson's husband, Howard Deutch, was director of some of the episodes of Caroline in the City, Eric Lutes wife and Amy Pietz future husband played in episode Caroline and the Bridesmaids.

Cross-links with other series

There were three links between Caroline in the City and other CBS series: in Caroline and the Folks Matthew Perry appeared in his character Chandler Bing from Friends and Jonathan Silverman from Single guy, in Caroline and the Bad Back David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves appeared in their characters from Frasier. Also there were two links from Caroline in the City to other series: Lea Thompson appeared in Friends as Caroline Duffy and in The Larry Sanders Show Lea Thompson and Fred Barron (one of the Caroline in the City creators) appeared as themselves on the filming set of Caroline in the City.

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