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Caroline in the City - American sitcom that ran from September 21, 1995 to May 11, 1999 on the NBC television network. Surprisingly the series gained more popularity outside United States while the network was pushing Caroline in the City to worst and worst timeslots.

The series was created by Fred Barron, Marco Pennette and Dottie Dartland and starring Lea Thompson as New York successful cartoonist Caroline Duffy living in a Manhattan loft. The series began shortly after she had broken up with her boyfriend Del, who quickly found a date. She hires Richard Karinsky to be her new colorist in the pilot episode, and he pretended to be her new boyfriend during a dinner to prevent her from being embarrassed over Del's moving on. Richard develops feelings for Caroline throughout the first season.

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Following a date with a conspiracy theorist, Caroline met Del at Remo's, an Italian restaurant which appears in most episodes. He gave her a ride home and he proposed marriage. Richard is distressed by this an searches for a new job but doesn't find one. Although Richard kept his feelings secret, Annie and Remo were able to figure out that he loved Caroline. The day before her wedding, he writes her a love letter and leaves it in a pile of wedding 'thank-you' cards. In it he tells her to meet him at Remo's if she loves him. She arrives, and Richard kisses her, but doesn't explain himself, but it turned out that Caroline didn't get any letter. Richard realizes that since Caroline is about to marry Del there is no place in her life for him and decides to leave Manhattan. Caroline and Del decide not to marry, unknown to Richard. Caroline visits Richard's apartment only to find that he has left, and since she didn't read the letter she did not know why.

The second season began with Richard failing to sell enough paintings to stay in Paris, and moving back to Manhattan. Caroline gave the box of 'thank-you' cards with his love letter to a friend, and it ends up at her apartment. Richard tries to find and destroy the love letter, first by sending Charlie and later by going himself. He tossed the thank you notes out the window, only to have Annie find it. She made several copies and planned to show it to Caroline, but Richard convinced her not to. Richard resumed his old job as her colorist. Annie used the letter to blackmail him, but ceased doing so after her sister used the note for the lyrics of a song.

Later Caroline discovers that she has feelings for Richard when he suddenly met on Manhattan his Italian ex-girlfriend Julia, but when Caroline left a message on his answering machine telling that she loves him Julia erased it. Then Richard and Julia got married, prompting a bitter love triangle between the three. During the time Caroline meets (thanks to Julia) her new boyfriend - Trevor.

sitcom Caroline in the City

Towards the end of the series, Caroline and Richard do start dating and after Del was forced to sell his company they spend most of the time in the office of big greeting cards company. However, the show ended on a cliffhanger note -- as Caroline was about to get married to another man (Randy), Richard (who had broken up with Caroline over not wanting children, once he discovered he'd fathered a child with his former Italian fiancee) is shown at the wedding. Since the program was canceled after that episode aired, the cliffhanger was never resolved.

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